Upon a divorce or end of a relationship where children are involved, it is absolutely crucial to lay out the responsibilities and any agreements between each parent relating to taking care of the child or children. This will help any legal disputes down the line, as well as help in creating a paper trail of information for CPS and any other federal services to look over.
It is vital that you check with your local government about any child support laws since they vary across the world. If you have any legal questions relating to child support, consult an attorney.
Sample Letter


This constitutes a child support agreement between me, John Doe, and Jane Doe in relation to our son Jamie Doe. This relates to the future care of this child.


Education – A separate checking account will be created for Jamie for his college fund. $200 will be deposited on the last day of every month, where applicable, every month, by each parent. Jamie will attend school in Santa Barbara.


Hospital and medical care – Jamie is covered under John’s medical insurance through his workplace and also covered by Jane on account of any medical expenses or costs. These costs will always be split entirely evenly.


Place of living – Jamie will live with me, John, at my semi-detached house in Santa Barbara. Every other weekend, Jamie will be picked up by Jane to stay at her apartment in Chicago. Any vacations are discussed on a case by case basis and are not limited.


Funding – We will open a teenage checking account for Jamie to deposit savings in and spend from. This will be monitored by the bank and by ourselves, and at least $100 will be available monthly.


Jane Doe




Date signed






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