An inadequate salary in your line of work can be fatal in terms of job longevity, so it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that you are being paid what you and your employers feel is correct. For this reason, it is wise to bring these concerns up in your end-of-year reviews with your employer in the form of a letter.


Sample letter based on performance:


Dear John Doe,


I am writing to respectfully request a meeting with yourself to formally discuss my current salary packages. In light of recent events and progress I have made within the company, I believe that I am ready to step up to the next level and continue to shine within this company. Highlights of recent work have been:


  1. Fronted a field marketing sales team that drove product sales of XXX up 32% in one quarter.
  2. Developed excellent working relationships with key accounts to ensure on average 15% lower rates with our suppliers over the last year.
  3. Implemented a social media unit to oversee internet operations and pursue an average of 1500 new clients a month.
  4. Headed development team on latest iteration of Oracle software and exceeded deadline date by four weeks.


I feel that based upon these aspects and recent achievements, I am warranted a discussion on my current pay level. I am willing to work around you in regards to the time and date of this meeting.


Kind regards,

John Doe



When writing a pay raise request letter, it is absolutely imperative to include relevant statistics and ensure that these are 100% accurate and well presented. They will become the cornerstones of both your request and career, so keep in mind that you will need them to present a good case.


Finally, it is also crucial to be as honest, open and straightforward about your request. There is no use in embossing the situation or over talking, as these requests are fairly common for any business of stature. If you have developed good working relationships, this will come as a normal working discussion for you and your superiors. Good luck.





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