Cancelling a gym membership can actually be quite a tough and daunting challenge for the average person, as the pressures placed upon them can be quite overwhelming when dealing with the sales-focused staff members. Cancelling them can be also very tricky, and down to the individual contract signed with the gym, so the best route to take is a doctor’s letter expressly prohibiting you from any sort of gym work. Our sample below will help in this situation.


Dear John Doe,


My name is Dr. Jamie Ashman. I am a certified UK physician operating under the license of the National Health Service and under UK law. I am contacting you regarding my patient’s current condition. He recently tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing a competitive game of Lacrosse, which has led to quite severe swelling on his right thigh and ankle, alongside extreme usage pain.


For this reason, I am writing to you on behalf of my patient to terminate his contract with your gym, as he will simply and utterly unable to attend for the next 3-6 months as we carry out critical physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


My patient’s membership number is #656546354 and he is billed on the 26th of each month, running since January 2016. This letter is 14 days notice of cancellation, in accordance with the contract.


I am available on 555-555-5555 for any questions or clarification.


Kind regards,

Dr Jamie Ashman


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