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Asking for a letter of recommendation

Asking an ex professor or tutor for a shining letter of recommendation can be useful in many, many avenues. You can use these for employment as personal character references, or as references for graduate school or college. These are usually procured via email...

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Child support letter

Upon a divorce or end of a relationship where children are involved, it is absolutely crucial to lay out the responsibilities and any agreements between each parent relating to taking care of the child or children. This will help any legal disputes down the line, as...

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Contract to borrow money

Writing a letter to a friend or family to borrow money can be fairly intimidating and nerve racking for anyone, as the thought of any future dispute over amount or repayments can be unnerving when dealing with people close to your heart. For this reason, it is best to...

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Asking for a pay raise

An inadequate salary in your line of work can be fatal in terms of job longevity, so it's absolutely crucial to ensure that you are being paid what you and your employers feel is correct. For this reason, it is wise to bring these concerns up in your end-of-year...

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Asking to cancel a gym membership

Cancelling a gym membership can actually be quite a tough and daunting challenge for the average person, as the pressures placed upon them can be quite overwhelming when dealing with the sales-focused staff members. Cancelling them can be also very tricky, and down to...

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